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2-year-old Shepherd Mix
Saved 2 weeks before euthanasia

Saving Lives and Solving Problems

Emergency veterinary care has grown an estimated 200% since 2008. Despite this massive growth, the veterinary industry lacks a reputable, consistent, and secure blood supply for pet emergency care.

There has been no bio-secure provider in the U.S. … until now.

Our biosecure blood bank helps meet this shortage with high-quality plasma/blood products that are professionally produced, packed, and delivered to the veterinary facilities that need them most in Texas and around the country.

4-year-old Doberman Pinscher
Saved 1 day before euthanasia

Our Products

Non-processed blood that is cooled and quickly shipped.

Whole Blood

Non-processed blood that is cooled and quickly shipped.

Processed Red Blood Cells (pBRC)

Processed Red Blood Cells (pBRC)

Whole blood is processed through the centrifuge.

Crop unrecognizable cosmetologist taking test tube out of centrifuge for plasma in modern clinic<br />


Processed through the centrifuge and frozen.

Our Quality Control and Blood Safety Process

Constant screening of Heroes’ health (unhealthy dogs and cats cannot donate).

Collecting, storing, and preserving are conducted by qualified techs and logged.

Shipped in temperature-controlled conditions with ice packs.

Donor blood types (five for Canine; three for Feline) are carefully logged and displayed on bags.

The practice management system tracks all animal health care, donations, and product status.

Guaranteed for quality and temperature on arrival. All medical information on the donor is made available to the veterinarian who will use the blood.

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